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Our Virtual Dementia Tour

Care Connect, LLC offers a Virtual Dementia Training to our communities, free of charge. Anyone involved in the care of seniors will encounter individuals living with dementia. The insight provided by the Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) will alter perspectives and change the way your staff approaches care-giving. One very important result of use of the VDT is a reduction in the use of psychoactive medication once staff has a better understanding of expected dementia behavior. The Virtual Dementia Tour has also been lauded as the game changer in helping staff understand what person-centered care entails. The bottom line is that resident quality of life will improve, and caregivers will benefit from a reduction in the number of challenging situations and an increased connection to those they serve.

The Virtual Dementia Tour, a valuable, easy-to-follow experiential training program, is designed for use by care giving facilities and community organizations to help identify with and understand behaviors and needs of people living with dementia. It has been used to train the staff at hospitals, home care agencies, hospices, and colleges and universities. After experiencing the VDT, staff members are able to identify with, and better understand, the behaviors and needs of those with dementia. You can also use the Virtual Dementia Tour to spread awareness of the impact of dementia on everyday life of our seniors. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) sensitivity training program is the proprietary intellectual property of Second Wind Dreams®, an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Roswell, Georgia. Developed by Second Wind Dreams founder, P.K. Beville, the Alzheimer’s and related dementias sensitivity training program known as the Virtual Dementia Tour is a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia through the use of patented sensory tools and instruction (U.S. No. 8,388,347). The patent relates to certain components, elements and functions of the Virtual Dementia Tour experience and only Second Wind Dreams and its authorized agents, as Care Connect, LLC may conduct or deliver the Virtual Dementia Tour

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